The Benefits of Radio
Radio reaches your customers everywhere – at home, in the car, at work, wherever they have and use a radio. Radio also exercises a customer’s imagination. Take advantage of this by using action words and sound effects. Because radio listeners are often doing other things while listening, advertising frequency is as important as the message itself. Keep some continuity in your radio ads. This can be as simple as having distinctive theme music or using the same announcer for all of your ads.

Radio Advertising:
Is economical and usually inexpensive. Prices may be higher during prime commuting hours – “Drive time” – but it may be well worth it through the increased number of customers hearing your message
Can target specific audiences by using specific stations and times
Is flexible, allowing you to run ads at almost any time and on short notice
Can give your dealership a quality image
  The Benefits of Television
Television ads let customers see and hear your product and are the ideal way to show your product in action. It costs more but also lets you reach a wide number of people.

Television Advertising:
Lets you target specific audiences by using specific programs or times
Is flexible, letting you decide when and how your ads are run
Builds customer awareness and gives your dealership a quality image
  Buying Radio/TV Time
Purchasing advertising time is similar for both radio and TV. For example, for radio, review the formats and ratings data for your local radio stations and select the station or stations most likely to reach your target audience. Then contact sales representatives and get time availabilities and cost audience data. Look for the lowest cost-per-thousand and the highest number of spots in the best times to reach your target audience. Compare stations, but make sure you are comparing similar factors. Make sure it is an “apples-to-apples” comparison.

For television, contact stations’ sales representatives and get proposals. Make sure that, as with radio, you use similar factors for comparison and choose the proposal that best fits your needs and reaches your target audience.

Finally, request proof that the ad ran as agreed. A notarized affidavit verifying information about the ad will be needed to get co-op reimbursement from Suzuki.
  Hints for Radio/TV Advertising
Sponsor a local event or have a station broadcast from your dealership for a special occasion, such as an anniversary
Use a local personality or celebrity as your spokesperson